Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Both a sound mind and a sound body are needed if you desire to be successful.
A sound body is the pre-requisite of a sound mind.A sound body is a healthy body,able to perform its functions regularly and properly.
God gave us healthy bodies;with a little effort and care,We could keep our bodies healthy .only we have to be conscious of the fact every day of our lives.

The human body is a marvellous mechanism;but if you neglect it care ,its efficiency is impaired.


Remember ,therefore,to keep it in normal working order.Never take liberties with it,Never strain the body too much.

The first requisite for a healthy life is cleanliness.Be clean in your body and in your dress.A daily bath is quite essential in a tropical climate like ours.If convenient ,it is better to bathe twice daily .Equally so is washing your clothes daily.

Bathe ,if possible ,in cold water.Rub your body clean ,all parts of it with a towel or with good soap.Use plenty of water for your bath.

When you bathe,impurities and dust sticking all over your body are removed ;when you rub,you stimulate the body -cells in to action.That is why you feel fresh after a bath.

your hair needs to be combed;your finger-tips have to be kept always clean,your nostrils must be cleaned at intervals.Have an eye also on the inter spaces between fingers.All these are small details;but each of them is quite a useful point.



All Indians clean their teeth daily.Remember that teeth form one of the gateways to the entrance of diseases and therefore should not be allowed to become dirty.
Keep your clothes clean.Wash them daily.If you can afford it,when you feel your clothes sticking to your body after perspiration ,change them.Clothes wear longer if they are washed and used.They become worn out,if worn continuously or frequently sent to the laundry.

Cleanliness in the matter of food is absolutely necessary .Eat only clean food ,not stale or dirty stuff sold in sweetmeat stalls in crowded and other insanitary places or where the foods are exposed.

Eat only as much food as will satisfy your hunger.Chew your food well;do not gulp it down your throat,.Eat slowly ,not in a hurry.If you can keep silent and keep your mind at ease during eating ,you can reap immense benefit from your food.

Drink good,clean water .Use it sparingly during meal time.But do not starve the body for water,because the blood has become thicker and needs water to regain its normal fluidity.Want of water in the body leads in many cases to headache.


They are not food .They are not necessary for the human system.Their so -called bracing affect is followed by a period of depression,They are not ,it is true ,so dangerous as other intoxicants;nevertheless ,they are harmful.Avoid ,if possible ,having anything to do with them .If you must use them ,use them only in small quantities.

Make it a point to keep your bowels clean.Regularity in this respect is quite an essential condition for healthy living.you must be able to do it spontaneously in the morning as soon as you get up.But if that does not occur,try to get into that habit sooner or later, constipation ,you may have read ,is a fruitful source of many disorders in the body.

you know that the various organs of the body are controlled and worked by muscles.These muscles require not only feeding but also exercise.By exercise ,they become strong well -developed and capable of doing work with little strain.No one who values his health could afford to neglect this aspect of his life;no student particularly can afford to neglect exercise.Daily ,at least once ,in the morning or in the evening,every student must undergo some form of regular physical exercise for at least fifteen minutes

Do not be under the impression that only champions and wrestlers need exercise to develop their muscles to full proportions.It is an erroneous impression .Even for a normal healthy man exercise is quite necessary.Those who have done exercise regularly know how beneficial it If you find it impossible to do sustained physical exercise take at least a long walk in the morning or in the evening in pure air or at both times.There are many who do it daily.It is also a beneficial kind of exercise and does not entail much strain.

Whether you prefer exercise at home or walking ,practice it regularly,even as a religious duty;you stand to gain immeasurably by it.

But avoid excess in everything ;in eating ,drinking and even in exercise or work.Overwork is as bad as over eating .Try as much as possible to do your work regularly so that you may never be put to the necessity of doing all your work.in a short space of time,thus leading to overwork,If you are able to spread out your work over a time -table and if you have the grit to follow the time -table ,then you would have laid the foundation for sure and steady progress.

Get into the habit of being in fresh air as long as possible.When you go on long walks,you get plenty of fresh air.Absence of fresh air leads one to feel sick;the head throbs and one gets a depressed feeling.A few minutes change to fresh air will work miracles.If your work is done in fresh air,very good;if unfortunately,it has to be done in congested surroundings,make it a point to go out into the open and remain at least for half an hour in fresh air.

Take care about rest and sleep also.Rest is as necessary for the welfare of the body as work.During rest the body make certain internal adjustments;for,during work ,certain poisons are produced in body;and these are eliminated during rest.Do not be under the impression that rest means idleness.It is only relaxation ;never allow it to descend into idleness.Know that idleness is one of the great es enemies of man.

For five to seven hour of sleep is quite necessary for every human beings,There are a few great souls who have conquered the physical frame and are above this need.But to all normal human beings,sleep is essential ,what benefit rest gives to the physical body ,sleep gives to the brain.If you thing that your brain is valuable,pay attention to your sleep.Here again do not be lazy;oversleeping is also bad.Go to bed early and get up early.The well known proverb

''Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise",
only reiterates a fact based on observation.

A word with regard to tour sleep;Never go to bed immediately after strenuous work.Let there be a period of rest of relaxation before you go to bed .Otherwise ,your sleep will not be peaceful;it will be peace less and full of dreams.If you do not know how to rest before sleep,think of GOD and chant GOD'S names.Then your sleep will give you the benefit it is in tender to give.

There is one other thing to which you must devote careful and conscious attention.In standing ,sitting or walking maintain an erect posture.You would have sitting or walking maintain an erect posture.An erect spinal column (backbone)gives you confidence,makes you alert ,adds dignity to your bearing and gets respect for you.It is the only natural posture and therefore the internal organs are all kept without congestion or unnecessary pressure.In your walk ,try to keep the posture,With a little conscious practice ,it is quite easy to keep erect.You can see for your self what good it brings to you.

These are by no means all the points you shout know about your body and how to keep it healthy,But these are the most salients and you should never give them the go-by.

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